Battle Archery

Shoot your friends with foam-tipped arrows. They deserve it!

It’s like paintballing but more fun!

Battle archery is like paint-balling only with bows and foam-tipped arrows. Also known as tag archery, it’s a team game based around scoring points or eliminating members of the opposing team.

  Price per Person
Kids €12.50
Adults €17.50

Some important notes about battle archery;

  • Battle archery is priced per person. The minimum number of players required is 14 and maximum 26.
  • The minimum age of participants is nine years.
  • A session lasts 60 minutes.
  • Battle archery is supervised for the entire duration of the session.
  • Booking is essential.

How Do I Book?

To book battle archery, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly (usually within one hour) to confirm.

If you’d prefer, you can also book battle archery by sending us a message on WhatsApp.